Hi, I’m Rory O’Donnell, owner of 6Buttons Productions, a graphic design company located in Chicago.  We specialize in full custom uniform design.  Whatever your sport attire may be - from hockey sweaters to full rugby kits - bring us your specifications and we’ll take care of the rest.  We’ll partner with you on the design that best fits the personality and culture of your team.

6 buttons productions

Our designs are expressive, logical and remain true to your original concept. Explore our picture gallery for a snapshot of our work. Ready to bring your team's uniform design into the future?

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Our Graphic Designs

Graphic Design is the art of selecting and arranging visual elements, such as typography, images, symbols, and color to convey a message to an audience.  At 6Buttons Productions, we delve into all aspects of your uniform design and promotion, including, brand identify and conception, illustration, logo design, web banners, headers and footers, posters, print ads, business cards, and label design.  

Check out our gallery for some of our recent work.